food labels

What do your food labels really mean??

“All Natural!” “Cage-free!” “Locally Grown!” “Fairtrade!” Every day we are bombarded with a slew of food label claims that are meant to help us make healthier and more informed choices. But how much meaning do these terms really have? Are they truthful or just there to draw you in? Between the fancy words and colorful… 

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paleo triple threat burger

The Triple Threat Burger (Salty, Spicy & Sweet)

Yo yo yo, how’s everybody doin? Fan-freakin-tastic I hope! Today, I’m sharing with you the majestic, one of a kind, out of this world, Triple Threat Burger. Now everybody loves the good ol’ salty-sweet flavor combo (if you don’t, we can’t be friends). But no one ever thinks to throw spicy into the mix! So…. 

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Primal Bites House Salad

Primal Bites House Salad

Wowee, been a while, hasn’t it? Did ya miss me?? Life has been pretty chaotic since returning from my Spring Break travels. I kind of hit the ground running as soon as I got back to Scotland, so I haven’t been able to get a new recipe up until now. Funny how I only had… 

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paleo sesame honey chicken

Honey Sesame Chicken

Okay guys, last post before I go away for 2 weeks! Tomorrow I head to Berlin for a week, then to Copenhagen and Amsterdam for the second week. I’m PUMPED! I can’t wait to experience all three of those places. There’s no other way I would rather spend my spring break. Except for maybe on… 

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Jojo’s Chocolate Bark Giveaway!

Hey sweet friends! So today I’ve got something extra special for you guys…. A GIVEAWAY! And a chocolate one at that! I first came across Jojo’s Chocolate on Instagram a few months back, and knew I just had to try it. This dark chocolate bark is made from just 5 ingredients: dark chocolate, almonds, pistachios,… 

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banana bread energy bites

Banana Bread Energy Bites

You guys are in for a special treat today, a two for one deal. You get a new recipe, and the highlights of my trip to Venice! Lucky you! So last Thursday I hopped on an EasyJet flight to Italy with my friend Shelby (the goober from South Carolina). We actually flew into Milan and took a… 

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paleo bbq chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Saraaaaaah, happy birthday to me! Today’s the big day, I have officially entered a new decade of my life. The third decade to be exact. That’s freaky. [me & my cake] Unfortunately I have spent most of today doing work in the library, not… 

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Fennel and Neep mash

Fennel & Neep Mash

I mentioned Neeps on Instagram the other day and it was clear that quite a few people didn’t know what Neeps were. Probably were thinking of nips. And we all know what nips is short for That one time I abbreviated blueberries to bloobs I definitely got some laughs out of people without even meaning… 

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paleo fiesta breakfast bowl

Fiesta Breakfast Bibimbap

Happy happy Monday!! How was everyone’s weekend?? Mine was pretty awesome. I helped out backstage dressing models for this huge charity fashion show in St. Andrews called FS. It’s entirely student run, and it’s incredible. Since the first FS event 23 years ago, they have raised over £330,000 (about $550,000) for charity, which I think… 

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sweet potato chicken burger

Sweet Potato Chicken Burgers

So do you guys wanna know what a typical Wednesday looks like for me? Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyways. It starts off with my 9 am geography lecture, then I hit the gym (today was leg day, my fave), then I go home, shower, get in bed and watch Dexter. And look at… 

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paleo gelatin gummies

Nummy for My Tummy Gummies

Hey guys! Just a quick post today. I’ve been meaning to share these recipes, so here they are! Gelatin is great for joint recovery, skin, nails, hair, digestion and many other things. It’s also pure protein, which you may not have guessed! Since these gummies are not only yummy but also good for your gut,… 

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paleo valentines day chocolates

DIY Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates

Happy Hump Day friends! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it happens to be one of my favorite holidays ♥ I love DIY projects, especially for holidays, so this year I thought it would be fun to make a box of homemade Paleo chocolates! You can find the recipes right here in my… 

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crispy paleo waffles

L’eggo my (Paleo) eggo

Hey guys! So this is my first post since getting back to school, sorry I haven’t posted anything sooner! I’ve just been settling back into the Scottish life. Ya know, the rain, the grey skies, the blustery days and brisk nights. It sure makes getting out of bed for 9 AMs a hell of a… 

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