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Every Last Crumb Review and Flash Giveaway!

Another giveaway! I love it! Can’t stop won’t stop. You can find entry details at the end of the review So grain free baking. Impossible, right? Grain free baking is notorious for being pretty much scientifically nonviable. Working without gluten is the biggest hurdle in creating delicious baked goods, and working without any grain flours at all… 

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holiday giveaway

Happy Holidays Giveaway! THIS IS EPIC DON’T MISS IT

I’m OBSESSED with Christmas. Everything about it. The trees, the smells, the music, the lights, the movies, the holiday spirit, I love it all! I love pretty much every holiday, but Christmas just does something to me. Honestly my favorite thing about the holidays is giving people gifts. I love coming up with really personal… 

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thanksgiving roundup

Thanksgiving Roundup: My Dream Primal Thanksgiving Menu

So I’m going to do a different sort of Thanksgiving roundup today! I’m going to share with you guys all the recipes I’ve been ogling over that would make up my ideal Primal Thanksgiving menu. Unfortunately this year—which is actually my first Thanksgiving in the States in 3 years, since I spent the last two… 

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rlp collage2

Real Life Paleo Review

Story time! A couple of weeks ago, I trekked down to Greenwich Village to see Stacy & Matt (the Paleo Parents) and Sarah Ballantyne (The Paleo Mom) speak about their books and do a cooking demo. That was already my idea of a fabulous Saturday afternoon—get out of the bubble, eat some yummy food, and… 

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cranberry turkey meatloaf

Cranberry Thyme Turkey Meatloaf

Behind Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because food. I wish it were socially acceptable to eat Thanksgiving food year round. Fortunately, I found a loophole in the system, and it takes the form of this Cranberry Thyme Turkey Meatloaf I can guarantee you won’t be judged for eating this in the middle of July…. 

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beet greens

Coffee Braised Beet Greens

Me on Fridays: I have this thing where I’m incapable of being productive on Fridays. I always aspire to finish all my work for the weekend on Friday, buuuut that has yet to happen once. Imma keep this brief though so I can ~try~ to get back to work and knock some stuff out before… 

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basic beet recipe

Basic Roasted Beets

So let’s talk about beets. Beautiful, juicy beets. That glorious vegetable that leaves your hands stained pink for a good 5 or 6 hours and turns your pee a suspiciously red color…. I think beets are one of the vegetables with the worst reputations, whether it’s due to the aforementioned side effects, or the oft perpetuated… 

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broccoli and brussels sprout puree

Broccoli and Brussies Puree

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday and she goes, “You need to make something with vegetables for the blog, something green.” I guess my recent recipes have been pretty meat heavy.. But little did she know that just hours before I had been making this broccoli-brussies deliciousness! Anyone else call brussels… 

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shepherds pie

Shepherds Pie

To me, Shepherds Pie (Cottage Pie to you Brits) is the definition of comfort food on a chilly Autumn day. Heartier than soup, but still warm and comforting. I’ve had this recipe up my sleeve for a looong time. I came up with it last Winter, but I was waiting for white sweet potatoes to… 

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plantain frittata

Pork & Plantain Baked Frittata

How is it already almost October?? Riddle me that. June feels like yesterday. Not complainin’ though, I’m welcoming sweater weather with open arms. If it wasn’t for New York’s peculiar heat wave these past few days, then I would be cozied up on my couch sipping earl grey and reading; meanwhile there would be pumpkin muffins… 

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beef and offal meatballs

Beef & Offal Meatballs

Who knows what offal is?? Essentially, it’s this magic food that will help your body function optimally, potentially prevent birth defects, and aid in healing chronic diseases. Who wouldn’t want to eat a food that does all those things?! Well, I for one, have a hard time eating enough offal. For those of you who don’t know,… 

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Paleo To Go

eBook Review and Giveaway: Paleo to Go by Paleo Parents

If you already know you want to purchase Paleo to Go, you can do so here!  One of the most frequent questions I get from friends is: “Is it hard to eat Paleo when you’re at school and on the go?” And honestly, sometimes I do struggle with it. Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking,… 

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mint mojito iced coffee

Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

I’m baaaaack! Hopefully to stay! The past few weeks have been WILD. So busy, so full of adventure and enriching experiences, and so full of travel! August 6th I flew to Portland to begin my cross country train journey with Millennial Trains Project. August 7th-17th we were riding the train across our gorgeous country, and we… 

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