roasted root veg salad

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

Who has a case of the Mondays? Yeah, me too. But you know what? Today is going to be awesome. Just because I said so. It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in NYC and I’m SO pumped! Call me basic, but I’m jazzed about pumpkin spice everything Autumn in the city also means a… 

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lemon pepper leeks and brussels sprouts

Lemon Pepper Leeks & Brussels Sprouts

Well friends, after a brief hiatus, I’m back to blogging! I needed to take a little break from social media-ing. And while I’ve still been cooking, I honestly haven’t felt very inspired the last few weeks (until now!) But now I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the internetz again! Quick life update: I… 

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Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 7.47.00 AM

Paleo in a Pinch eCookbook and the Reset & Thrive E-Library

EXCITING NEWS! So as some of you know, I’ve been working on an eCookbook called Paleo in a Pinch for quite a while… but the wait is over! (sort of ) I’m super excited to announce that a sneak peek edition of Paleo in a Pinch will be included in the Reset & Thrive E-Library, which is… 

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breakfast pizza

Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook Giveaway!

You guys. Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook is stupid good. The photos are stunning, the recipes are packed with flavor but relatively simple to make, and all of Juli’s commentary had me pretty much ROFLing. I’ve already tried out a few recipes and been super impressed with how all of them turned out! First I made… 

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pesto chicken and peaches

Pesto Chicken & Peaches

Greetings from sunny San Francisco! This is the last stop on my tour de thesis research, and I’ve already learned SO much. I’ve met with a wealth of brilliant people who are doing amazing things in their cities, and I’ve observed some incredibly well designed and activated public spaces. But I’ve also witnessed the effects… 

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steak and egg potato skins

Steak & Egg Potato Skins

GUYS in less than 48 hours I am embarking on a two week journey around the United States! I’m so pumped. I love solo traveling. It’s such a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself and regain perspective on the world. The purpose of my trip is to conduct research for my Senior Thesis for my… 

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cherry garcia dream bars

Cherry Garcia Dream Bars

Not quite an icebox cake. Not quite an ice cream slice. Not your normal no-bake bar. So what do I call ’em? Dream Bars! And boy are they dreamy… They might be a little messy but it don’t even matter. One bite and you’ll be transported to chocolate cherry heaven, where all of your worries will disappear…. 

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paleo and macros

Paleo & Macros

Okay people, let’s talk “Paleo & Macros.” This is a blog post I’ve been intending to write for a few months now, but I was a little bit afraid to open this can of worms since traditionally the IIFYM/flexible dieting community and the Paleo community do not see eye to eye. But the tides are… 

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collard wrap

How to Make a Crazy Good Collard Wrap

So last weekend at the farmers market I scored like 3 HUGE bundles of collard leaves for $2.50 (total). It was magical. But then I got home and realized I had way more collard greens than I knew what to do with. First I chopped up and froze about half of them. Then I entertained the… 

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Almond Butter & Jelly Cups

Holy cow you guys.. LOOK AT THESE! Perfect little snackable nuggets of AB&J! I must tip my hat to my dear friend Leah from love me, feed me, because this was pretty much her ingenious idea! Her original recipe is for PB&J Cups (which are deeeelish too!) but I decided to do a little experimenting and come… 

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potato salad

Paleo Potato Salad – 4 Ways

GUYS I’M FREEEEEE!!! It’s finally summer and I. am. so. happy. Summer break=more free time=more kitchen time=more recipes for you guys! First up: ~four~ different flavors of potato salad, all perfect for your Memorial Day festivities this weekend There aren’t many paleo/primal potato salad recipes out there, because of this prevailing idea that white potatoes… 

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cinco de mayo

Paleo Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup!

Hey hey! Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts lately. I am slowly but surely being sucked into the finals black hole, so I haven’t been spending as much time in the kitchen as I would like. Since I don’t have any new recipes for you guys at the moment, I thought I would… 

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warm spring vegetable salad

Warm Spring Vegetable Salad

Hey hey! Happy Monday people! How goes it? It’s a gloomy day here in NYC, which is pretty painful coming off of such a beautiful and warm weekend. But that’s okay, because today’s recipe is so fresh and bright that you’ll forget about the weather outside! I know that peas are kind of in a… 

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